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Digital Strategy.

Due to the exponential growth of their business, Workhub returned to us, having recently refreshed their identity. This time, we have updated their digital strategy to achieve a robust e-commerce platform as the primary sales channel. Additionally, we’ve addressed every touchpoint, ensuring a unified and consistent communication approach.

Boosting Your Business from Dublin: Physical and Virtual Solutions.

The main challenge lay in simplifying the journey and understanding of their extensive range of products and services. Hence, it was crucial to focus on defining and designing all aspects related to their services, divisions, comparisons, and purchasing terms.

Transitioning Towards a Continuously Growing Future.

The primary objective of this project has been the automation of processes to facilitate its expansion. We began by improving the website, then created a special area for clients, and finally, set up a system to manage all communication inside the company. We have successfully created a modular and scalable ecosystem of visual resources capable of adapting to the present and future needs of the brand across all elements.