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Impact, Assurance, and Experience.

Wodbuster is a digital solution for sports centers, enabling them to manage classes and fees while offering athletes the ease of booking their workouts and boosting their motivation.

Brand Platform, Values, and Purpose.

We kick-started the process with a strategic meeting, delving into the distinctive values of the brand within the ever-expanding CrossFit sector. By defining the brand’s character, we formed the main idea that guides the entire look and feel of the project.

We’ve given the brand a total makeover, from the logo to the way they write, making sure everything reflects its values consistently and attractively.

Every Second Counts.

Time is crucial in both sports and business management. Efficiency and knowledge are key to success, which is why we reflect this parallel in the brand icon, merging motivation and management.

Unleashing Rebellion: Vibrant and Energetic Brand Transformation

The project includes a total rebrand, covering both the app and all other digital communication platforms. We ensure the brand stands out with a lively and dynamic presence, from enhancing the user interface to maintaining a consistent visual identity on social media.

We choose to use a friendlier tone in their communication and utilize robust typography along with a bold colour scheme. These components create a flexible and expandable visual toolkit, tailored to meet both current and future brand requirements.