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Advaya is a London-based system change initiative building a community of change-makers around the principles of radical regeneration and joyful revolution, founded by Christabel & Ruby Reed.

Advaya 01
Brand, Web design
UK, 2019

A community that explores the connections between ecology, spirituality, and mental health, advocating regenerative narratives and economies, collective responsibility, public awakening and mobilisation. By embedding ecological awareness into our lives can move from narratives of growth to an economy that values social, individual and environmental wellbeing.

Live events, media platform and campaigns shift narratives, empower and inspire, weaving stories of beautiful transformation, resistance and renewal.

Christabel and Ruby also founded with Cara Delevingne #MyEcoResolution, a community of change-makers co-creating a world that thrives pledging eco-resolutions. Take a look!

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Bridging the worlds of golf fashion & streetwear.

A brand that appeals to both players of the game, and fans of streetwear. Golf apparel and fashionable streetwear had pretty much nothing in common. That bridge simply didn’t exist, but Manors has created it.

Manors brand 01
UK, 2019
BMAS Agency

One of the latest trends in streetwear at the moment is the resurgence of a classic 50’s aesthetic. Dubbed the ‘grandad’ look. Streetwear has moved from baggy t-shirts and ripped jeans, to cardigans and chinos. This throwback trend to a smarter style is their bridge to the game of golf. Think of Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player. These are their style icons.

Inspired by the style and sophistication of a bygone era. Re-Imagined with a contemporary twist.

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Manors brand 09
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Bodegas Aalto

The Aalto enterprise is located in the Ribera del Duero wine region and its aim is to produce an incredibly high quality wine with a distinctive personality that truly reflects the different terroirs blended together after the wine has been aged.

Bodegas Aalto
Spain, 2018 
Lutton Gant

One of the inspirations behind the brand is the Finnish architect and designer, Alvar Aalto, whose philosophy coincides to a great extent with the winery's own approach.

We communicate the brand's process, history and aims through editorial design, respecting its singular charm, simplicity and quality.


Nidia Verdejo

Nidia Verdejo forms part of the La Cabaña enterprise, a winery with vineyards in the Rueda appellation. We created its label focusing on the duality between the person and the wine, between literary and varietal qualities. The result is a clean, floral but elegant image.

Nidia verdejo 01
Nidia Verdejo
Branding, packaging, Web design
Spain, 2019 
Octubre comunicación, Lutton Gant

The combination of a unique setting and the lives that are lived here provide this brand with a motif that runs throughout its communication, from the branding of the winery to the presentation of its people.

We achieved a fresh, sophisticated label that's a conversation starter wherever the wine is enjoyed.

Nidia verdejo 02
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Nidia verdejo 05
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Nidia verdejo 10
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Nidia verdejo 12

Todd Martin

NYC filmmaker Todd Martin loves a story infused in everyday life. Fascinated by moments in the human experience, Todd has mastered the art of taking in culture and putting it into film.

Todd Martin 01
Todd Martin 
Web design
Inglaterra, 2018
Bmas Agency

Specializing in documentary and commercial work, he’s traveled the globe, weaving his experience into a full-fledged style behind the camera.

Our challenge for the web design was to create a space that truly focuses on the content. Todd website should be the best representation of his work with a fluid, fast and immersive experience for consuming, where content is the guiding thread under a clean and polished aesthetic.

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